Our Philosophy

From years of listening deeply to many people from various cultures and walks of life, I have come to believe that healthy human relationships require mutual and genuine respect and trust. Everyone at the core wants to be relevant, valued and unconditionally loved.

I have also come to believe that by connecting to our universal values and wisdom of our intuition, we become more powerful, healthier and fulfilled, and whenever our inner calling and longing for purpose are neglected or compromised, our emotional and physical states can become out of balance and potentially ill.

Inevitably our cultural influences and conditioning beg to be examined, and if and when needed, be replaced with different set of beliefs and pillars of support. Ultimately, our empowerment path, our heroic journey is about having courage to face hard truths, sit with discomfort, challenge our assumptions and myths, shift our perspectives, attitudes, choices, and rise despite all obstacles in order to open doors to new possibilities.

"Thank you, Shadi, for your listening ear and generous spirit. You helped me sort through my confusion, trust my inner voice and follow my heart. I left our session excited and empowered. Thank you for your support!"

Rachid A. Hassani - Designer, Proprietor of Bay-Ti in Petaluma