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  • Sherri Hanson
    Shadi is an amazingly intuitive coach. My time with her was inspiring, comforting, and most importantly, safe. If not for my employer's sponsorship, I would not have been able to take advantage of all the wonderful gifts Shadi has to share with us.
    Sherri Hanson
    Senior HR Rep, Xandex, Inc.
  • Susan Alexjander, Artist, Alchemist
    Shadi is a marvelous facilitator, a deep listener who has a gift for creating a comfortable, supportive space for personal exploration. She is kind and gentle, but knows how to guide the energy in a skillful, professional way. I trust her completely.
    Susan Alexjander, Artist, Alchemist
  • Rachel Ruach Golden, Co-Founder & Leader
      Shadi has shown up for our young women and the intensive journey of transformation they are on with incredible grace, ease, and well-timed wisdom. She listens deeply, reflects their stories with accuracy and compassion, and is able to pin the question each needs to hear to take them deeper and deeper on their quest. It has been a true blessing to have Shadi support our process. Her work with (Sufi poet) Rumi and the non-linear beauty of poetry, song and the human quest has brought depth, insight and faith-filled opening to the Great Mystery for us all. We are in love with and indebted to Shadi!
    Rachel Ruach Golden, Co-Founder & Leader
    Infinite Wild & Tree of Life Initiation
  • Nariman Manoochehri, VP of Operations
      From experience, we believe that personal challenges (home and work) can adversely impact the stress level, attendance and productivity of our team members. Providing subsidized off-site personal coaching has enabled our employees to take advantage of services that would otherwise be financially prohibitive for them. We have been delighted to see impressive results after just 2-4 coaching sessions with Shadi. Thanks to her expert and heartfelt guidance, our employees have become more productive and happier members of our organization. Our investment in employee assistance for personal coaching has proven worthwhile.
    Nariman Manoochehri, VP of Operations
    Xandex, Inc.
  • Carolyn North, Dancer, Writer, Visionary, Community Builder
    Shadi is amazingly good at what she does, and I know because she's all but saved my life more than once! What is extraordinary is that, with almost no hints beforehand of what your problem of the moment is, she is Right On It, there from the first sentence! And stays there throughout your conversation. Kudos, Shadi! My own issue of the other day is on its way to being acted upon-  like magic. Blessings!
    Carolyn North, Dancer, Writer, Visionary, Community Builder
  • Anonymous (per couple request)
    Our time with you was productive and organized. You got some stagnant energy moving. I believe we both felt heard and stretched in difficult but very good ways. You helped us focus on the elephant in the room, and that feels really, really good. You are very gifted at this work. I appreciate your ability to speak to the heart of the matter while offering support and direction. Being heard and hearing with your guidance and support has helped me see some next steps. I had some inspiration to find Brene Brown's favorite relationship researcher, John Gottman, and got one of his audio books. We are looking forward to getting closer, deeper and more vulnerable through doing the activities in the book. Thank you, Shadi.
    Anonymous (per couple request)
  • Anonymous (per client request)
    Dear Shadi, thank you so much for your beautiful healing spirit! Please know that my emotional ending at our session is a reflection of your ability to make others feel safe to show and share their most intimate vulnerabilities. And in doing so, as raw as one's emotions may be, you allow us to find healing and the ability to let go and move on into an unknown, yet beautiful future that begins in this present moment. Thank you!
    Anonymous (per client request)
  •  Farideh Gharai
    I would like to thank you so much for sharing your vast knowledge and experiences with us. You are a great teacher and mentor and I enjoyed the (Ruminate on Rumi) workshop very much. Also I learned a lot from our group discussions.
    Farideh Gharai
  • Scott & Suzanne
    Thank you for the good conversation, reflection, and bringing sharper awareness! We really weren't sure what we're getting into. It turned out great!
    Scott & Suzanne
  • John Crowley
    Shadi has a unique approach to her work that is both surprising, refreshing and welcoming. As a facilitator, she holds a warm and comfortable space that entices workshop attendees to fully enter the room and participate at a heartfelt level.
    John Crowley
    Founder of Aqus Cafe
  • Valerie Richman
    I have observed Shadi in a variety of settings, live performance, group facilitation and one-on-one coaching, and she shines in all of them. Shadi is a unique blend of heart, mind, creativity, organization, strategic planning and lively fun.
    Valerie Richman
    Ex-excutive Director of Petaluma Art Center
  • Maria L. Carrero
    Experiencing Shadi's (Ruminating on Rumi) workshop was an amazing way to really get to the root of what bothers me, and what makes me happy and joyful in life. It gave me a clear view of what I need to do to expand myself. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for their true voice.
    Maria L. Carrero
  • Anonymous (per client request)
    Shadi was a mentor to me many years ago and I learned a lot from her then. Recently, I discovered that she is a life coach and decided to set up a few sessions with her. Shadi has a very wise, warm, invigorating personality which makes her a very easy person to talk to and a fun person to be around. In our sessions she helped me bring clarity to different issues in my life, and she helped me to narrow my focus on the goals that mean the most to me. This has been a great stress relief for me. I highly recommend Shadi's life coach services.
    Anonymous (per client request)
  • Debbie Daunt, Professor
    Shadi, Thank you for helping me sift through the layers to see what is really important as I face a challenging situation. Your guidance is most appreciated in helping me find my place and explore new perspectives. It is a comfort to move forward with the strength I have found through your gentle, intuitive encouragement.
    Debbie Daunt, Professor
    Dominican University of California
  • Elena Pinsky
    Shadi skillfully navigated our conversation such that, at the end, I felt a sense of spaciousness and potential. She is adept at helping her clients zoom out and connect minute decision-making to broader value systems and life purposes.
    Elena Pinsky
  • Rachid A. Hassani
    Thank you, Shadi, for your listening ear and generous spirit. You helped me sort through my confusion, trust my inner voice and follow my heart. I left our session excited and empowered. Thank you for your support!
    Rachid A. Hassani
    Designer, Proprietor of Bay-Ti in Petaluma
  • Carolyn North
    Shadi's understanding of the human dilemma is profound, and the times I have called on her in my desperation of the moment, she has been right there, smart as a whip and warm with compassion. She gets me! And has helped me face what I had to face with both compassion and Truth! Thank you, Shadi!
    Carolyn North
    Dancer, Visionary, Writer, Community Builder
  • Jenny Copeland
    I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the experience and support Shadi provided me during the 6 months I worked with her. Shadi is an amazing coach and human being. She is warm, patient, inclusive, a wonderful listener and has a great sense of humor. She provided me a safe place to work through professional and personal hurdles, at the same time keeping a big picture perspective in mind. I would recommend Shadi to all who are looking for direction of any kind. I hope to continue working with Shadi in the future. I am so thankful for this growth opportunity.
    Jenny Copeland
    Area Director, North Bay Children's Center
  • John Crowley
    Shadi's warmth and sincerity allow one to gently and comfortably open up and delve into core issues. Her coaching sessions quickly get to the heart of the matter where she provides valuable tools and techniques that really transform.
    John Crowley
    Founder of Aqus Cafe & Community Organizer
  • Dustin DeMatteo
    Shadi worked with our organization twice and both times we were stunned by the level of professionalism, as well as, grace with which she carries herself. It felt reassuring to have someone who meet you more than halfway with your needs and actively listens. Given the experiences she provided us, I would highly recommend her to any person, business, or organization, and would gladly work with her in the near future.
    Dustin DeMatteo
    Staff Member, Daily Acts
  • Trathen Heckman
    Shadi brings a level of warmth, fun and creativity to working with groups that equally matches her wisdom and experience. Both times that she has worked with Daily Acts, our team walked away feeling more inspired, empowered and connected to each other and the power of our work.
    Trathen Heckman
    Executive Director, Daily Acts
  • Misha Herbert
    Shadi embodies the essence of a coach: she cares deeply for the well-being of her clients and is paramount to their success. Her passion is palpable; her energy is impossible to ignore. She is definitely someone you want to have in your corner. I walked into a welcoming space of possibility and walked out feeling inspired and unstoppable. Shadi guided the session with thought-provoking and insightful conversation, facilitating deep connections and unlocking doors I didn't even know were there. I have struggled with self-doubt for as long as I can remember, yet Shadi helped me break through that and acknowledge my potential within hours. I would strongly recommend a session with Shadi to anyone looking for their own kind of remedy.
    Misha Herbert
    Artist, Visionary, Caregiver
  • Marie Kneemeyer
    Shadi had done a workshop with the staff at Daily Acts, and it was incredibly inspiring. she knew how to use beautiful imagery and stories to weave a path of discovery. After a while of sharing and connecting, we were able to get to the core of our challenges and shift our thinking to a more positive and enlightened approach.
    Marie Kneemeyer
    Staff Member, Daily Acts
  • Trathen Heckman
    Working with Shadi was a true inspiration and delight for Daily Acts staff and myself. Her blend of personal stories and inquiry to help team members reflect on finding their voice and passion was both courageous and contagious in a touching and insightful way. Weaving in some song and a basket of Rumi quotes for spontaneous divination made an experience that stuck with team members for weeks.
    Trathen Heckman
    Executive Director, Daily Acts
  • Mike Gorman
    I have worked with Shadi twice in group situations: once with a business and once with a non-profit. Shadi has a wonderful way of encouraging participation while guiding the discussion in constructive ways. She has excellent insight that we have all found to be very helpful.
    Mike Gorman
    Partner, Creekside Partners
  • Adrianne Kubes
    Working with Shadi has truly been a blessing in my life. Shadi uses her wonderful insights, thoughtful questions, and intuition to guide her sessions, and get to core issues. She is compassionate, perceptive, patient, and caring, all while guiding me to grasp crucial issues impacting my life and helping me focus on what is really important to me. Shadi provides a supportive and safe environment where I was free to laugh and cry (which I did a lot of both) without judgment, and I am forever grateful to Shadi and her guidance.
    Adrianne Kubes
  • Rowshi Pejooh
    Coaching sessions with Shadi have been a journey of exploration resulting in increased respect and appreciation for myself. Shadi understood my scheduling challenges and designed the sessions and assignments not to be an additional source of stress. For me the sessions were enjoyable and I believe resulted in a better me.
    Rowshi Pejooh
  • Mina B.
    When I originally came to Shadi, I was dealing with much of anxiety, confusion about myself, and a heavy load from my past. Talking to her every time was a pleasure which brought so much peace and comfort to my life. I learned how to analyze my problems, how to deal with them and how to let go of my difficult past. I discovered so much about myself that I never knew. She taught me how to concentrate on my positive points and strengthen them, while correcting the negative thoughts. It was an amazing and enlightening journey that made me a happier and better person that I am today. I want to sincerely thank her for everything she did for me.
    Mina B.
  • James C.
    Among her many remarkable qualities, Shadi is extraordinarily perceptive, an astute and sensitive listener who gets to heart of the matter very quickly. She has no trouble identifying the blocks that are holding you back, and she addresses them in a gentle and most effective way. I had been struggling with issues of confidence and self-esteem, and Shadi not only pinpointed the sources of my negative self-perceptions but offered her heartfelt encouragement and relentless positivity in challenging them and undoing their effects, helping me to recognize and begin appreciating my own value -- a priceless gift for someone who has never been able to get there on his own. Thank you, Shadi!
    James C.
  • Sherri Hanson
    Shadi's coaching style is gentle and intuitive. She uses her innate gifts of understanding and generosity of spirit to inspire and provoke thought. She leaves me feeling hopeful, powerful, and accountable. All of our sessions to date have given me invaluable tools to use in my journey to self-love, as well as the confidence to continue taking bold steps forward. Thank you Shadi!
    Sherri Hanson
  • Val Richman
    Shadi cuts through to the core of the issue. She is gentle, humorous, smart, very nurturing and yet very clear and firm. My session with her was so illuminating! She enabled me, through questioning and discussion, to discover the "problem" for myself, and even to come up with the solution.
    Val Richman
  • Guilaine Salomon
    Shadi has a combination of aptitude and expertise rarely found in one person. She is able to balance her practical side together with her spirituality. Whether you are prone to lean on one or the other, she knows how to reach you. It suffices her to listen, to recognize the direction it needs to take. In three visits, Shadi was able to work out a plan for me to follow without suffocating the other obligations that I have for my family and work.
  • Kathkeen Hannah
    Shadi's guidance is very sensitive and subtle. One feels that the discoveries and decisions are truly personal and therefore one's own responsibility.
    Kathkeen Hannah
    Ceramic artist & Art Curator
  • Pam Williams
    Shadi encouraged open communication and honesty in our expression, which helped to put the group emotionally at ease and let us visit some potentially "hot button" topics without conflict. Ultimately we came away from the day with concrete decisions towards a shared vision, optimism for the future, and a renewed understanding of the value of our organization.
    Pam Williams
    Analy High School Education Foundation
  • Josiane Cohanim
    Shadi is an incredible coach. Her questions are thoughtful, on point and free of judgement. She makes me feel at ease to go deep and explore facets within I have suppressed or ignored.
    Josiane Cohanim
    Painter and Writer
  • Anonymous per client request
    After only two sessions, Shadi helped me determine my goal and start up a plan to reach it. Shadi helped me find clarity, believe in myself, and recognize my abilities which gave me the strength to take a step and move forward with the change I had to make, but was too scared to do anything about.
    Anonymous per client request
  • Jeff Muchow
    Shadi is one of those rare individuals who combines organizational development knowledge, group facilitation skills and innate understanding of individuals to create solutions that are not only satisfactory but pleasant. She can see the simple truths about us and is able to weave these together into a satisfactory strategic direction.
    Jeff Muchow
    Vice President of Quality & Engineering, Xandex, Inc.
  • Val Richman
    The organization needed to restore harmony, trust, enthusiasm and a renewal of our vision, mission and values, and buy-in from the larger group --internal and within the community. Shadi provided a safe environment for honest participation, sharing of opposing views without friction or negative feelings. Shadi's listening and feedback skills along with her clear understanding of small and group dynamics were invaluable.
    Val Richman
    Executive Director - Petaluma Art Center
  • Mary Luttrell
    In thinking about how to describe Shadi, I would say she is a Renaissance Woman, in the sense of being a highly cultivated and multi-talented person. As a consultant, Shadi is insightful and constructive, sensitive and compassionate, warm and supportive, and genuinely cares about the well-being of others.
    Mary Luttrell
    Management Consulting Services
  • Anonymous per client request
    I had brilliant conversations with Shadi where I felt safe, vulnerable, and more seen and heard than I ever have before. Shadi asked powerful questions, listened to me and as a result increased my emotional awareness, wisdom and creativity that I already possess, rather than giving me advice.
    Anonymous per client request