Steps & Cost

Our commitment is to serve clients to the best of our ability and expertise, and to engage in endeavors that align with our core values of honesty, respect, positive intentions, high level of integrity and trust. If at any point, a client is dissatisfied with our offerings or collaboration, or there is an event that compromises our core values, the engagement can be amicably ended with advance or immediate notice. Below are the steps to connect and engage with us!

To get started...

Use the contact form to provide a brief statement of the issue or topic you wish to discuss!

If urgent, feel free to call or text our USA number ( +1) 707.490.8658 to schedule a time to connect, and provide a brief statement of the issue or topic you wish to discuss!

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All consulting and coaching engagements require signing a confidentiality and disclaimer document. Long-term engagements will include an agreement detailing the project scope, cost, methods of payment, and any unique arrangements.

Fees vary depending on scope, duration and nature of activities. Generally, personal and leadership consultation cost is $135 per hour. Partnership coaching (romantic or business) is $165 per hour, and team building fees range from $185-$300 per hour depending on organization/team size and complexity of the assignment. These general fees are in USA dollars and subject to change. Special circumstances, long-term engagements or repeat clients may be eligible to receive discounted rates. Human Remedy’s goal is to ensure the best quality of service and value are offered to our clients. Our intrinsic reward is seeing our clients achieve their desired outcomes, fulfill their longing for positive change and become transformed.

"I have observed Shadi in a variety of settings, live performance, group facilitation and one-on-one coaching, and she shines in all of them. Shadi is a unique blend of heart, mind, creativity, organization, strategic planning and lively fun."

Val Richman - Executive Director - Petaluma Art Center