About Me

My name is Shadi (shah.dee) Shamsavari, founder of Human Remedy. I offer consulting and coaching services to individuals and organizations. My mission is to be a positive inspiration, guide and champion for people who wish to reach their highest potential and desired transformations, and find deeply meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Personal Philosophy

By actively listening and closely knowing people from all walks of life, I have come to believe that healthy human relationships require genuine mutual trust and respect, and everyone at the core wants to be relevant, valued and unconditionally loved. Intuition is the voice of the heart and it's wise. When our chosen path is misaligned with our higher purpose, our soul's hunger is neglected, and our deeply held values are compromised or in conflict, our physical and emotional states fall into dissonance and inevitably illness.

Community Service

My community service work has included serving kids-at-risk, and providing assistance to seniors. As a volunteer mentor, I've helped elementary through high school students build self-esteem and manage the challenges of family and peer pressure. With seniors, I have learned the importance of managing aging with patience and dignity.

Personal Pursuits

I am an avid, life-long student, and thrive on learning and embarking on new adventures, challenging endeavors, and stretching beyond my limited views and know-how. My favorite pastimes are dancing, being in nature, traveling, and spreading hope, joy and laughter. My personal life experiences have served me most profoundly in gaining insight into our humanity. By navigating through cultural and family dynamics, health crisis, and spiritual awakening, I've gained appreciation for the power of acceptance, surrender and honoring the layered challenges of our human experiences, as well as the importance of healing.

In my late 40's, I took a leap of faith to pursue my artistic calling. I ventured into songwriting, singing, music and video production. The creative journey and expression have fueled my approach and perspective as a coach and consultant in unique directions.


Serving others in their pursuits of deeper alignment and fulfillment in life continually teaches and enriches me!