About Me

Hello! My name is Shadi (shah.dee) Shamsavari, the founder and director of Human Remedy, offering consulting and coaching services to individuals, non-profit organizations and small businesses.

Professional Experiences

In my 25 years experience in a multi-cultural corporate environment at Xandex, Inc., I have learned through knowing people from all walks of life that at the core of each person, goodness, wisdom and creativity reside; and the keys to effective human relations are mutual trust and respect.

In my position as an independent coach and consultant through Human Remedy, I've assisted many individuals, small businesses and non-profit organizations on various challenges, such as interpersonal conflicts, strategic planning, vision and mission development, stress management, and self-discovery.

My co-active coaching training has deepened my listening skills and equipped me with many tools to guide anyone on the journey of self-discovery and empowerment to fulfill personal goals and dreams.

Community Service

My community service work has included serving kids-at-risk, and providing friendship and assistance to seniors. As a volunteer mentor, I've helped elementary through high school students build self-esteem and manage the challenges of family and peer pressure. With seniors, I have learned the importance of living with dignity.

Personal Experiences

My personal life experiences have served me most profoundly in gaining insight into our humanity. Navigating through multi-cultural pressures, health crisis, and spiritual awakening, I've learned the layered challenges, as well as the importance of healing.

Around mid-life, I took a leap of faith to pursue my artistic calling. The creative expression and energy have helped fuel my practice as a coach and consultant in unique directions.


Serving others in their pursuits of deeper alignment and fulfillment in personal and work life continually teaches and enriches me!