About Me

My name is Shadi (shah.dee) Shamsavari, founder of Human Remedy.

My mission is to be a positive inspiration, guide and champion for clients who wish to travel the courageous journey of self-discovery, empowerment and transformation to reach their highest potential and desired outcomes, and enjoy more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

My Education and Experience
  • Bachelor's Degree in English Literature
  • Master's Degree in Psychology of Organization Development
  • Fluent in Farsi and English, intermediate level French and Spanish
  • 20+ years Leadership & Consulting, 6+ years of Co-Active Coaching
  • 25+ years Human Resources Mgmt in multi-cultural corporate environment

hours of training in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching

hours of training in co-active coaching

Community Service

I have been a volunteer mentor for kids-at-risk through Mentor Me organization which serves elementary through high school ages, primarily focusing on building their self-esteem and personal strengths in dealing with challenges of family and peer pressure. I have served in advisory capacity for art and senior organizations, supported agencies serving the shelterless, and have also been a volunteer driver, companion, cook and shopper for seniors. Through these community service experiences, I have become more self-aware, more respectful and compassionate, and gained insight on how to manage elders with patience and dignity.

Personal Pursuits

I am an avid, life-long student, always seeking new learning, challenging endeavors, adventures, self-discovery, I enjoy dabbling in psychology, poetry, romance languages, painting, songwriting, music and video production, story telling, singing, directing and performing shows, dancing, photography, spirituality, business, politics, science, sports, cooking.

Through personal and professional life, I've gained wisdom and appreciation for the power of acceptance, surrender, forgiveness and honoring of the layered complexity of our human experiences, and the importance of healing. Serving clients as a coach and consultant is my sacred practice, a source of deep joy, personal growth and enrichment.

"I have observed Shadi in a variety of settings, live performance, group facilitation and one-on-one coaching, and she shines in all of them. Shadi is a unique blend of heart, mind, creativity, organization, strategic planning and lively fun."

Val Richman - Executive Director - Petaluma Art Center