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We guide clients (individuals, partnerships, leaders and teams) to gain deeper self-knowing, find fresh perspectives and unchartered pathways, learn new tools and skills for improving relationships, and access positive, creative energy to fuel daily challenges, attitudes and actions.

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“Each moment contains a spark with potential to ignite discovery, insight and transformation. Each moment unfolds in mysterious ways when I trust the process and wisdom of the client.” - Shadi Shamsavari, Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Facilitator

Individuals, Partners, Leaders, Teams

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My experience with Shadi has always been revelatory. No matter what conundrum of my life I present her with, she invariably shines a light on an aspect of my problem that I never thought to notice before, and she is always correct! With her big heart, personal experience of hard stuff and bright-as-a light mind, she has always shone the light on what I myself have missed, and she has always been right on target.