There are many paths to discovering and aligning with our higher purpose and power, as long as we’re willing to step outside our comfort zone and take a leap of faith.
Based on the client’s needs and level of courage and curiosity, I can customize my facilitation, consulting and coaching offerings to leaders, teams and individuals. Using traditional methods of inquiry, brainstorming, strategic planning, or alternate creative doorways, such as poetry and videography to help clarify mission, vision, values, direction and desired outcome, I strive to serve each client with integrity, an open mind and honest heart.
To engage in a longer journey with me using the model of co-active coaching, please contact me to learn what agreements and commitments are required, and if we are a fit!
"Shadi was kind and patient while also being focused and firm in her pursuit to get me unstuck."

Rodney Gagnon, Entrepreneur

"Whether clients need counsel, facilitation, a gentle nudge toward goals, or a firm push to take bold leaps to fulfill dreams, I feel honored when given the trust and opportunity to support and guide them."

Shadi Shamsavari, Certified Professional Co-active Coach